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Astro Counselor & Spiritual Healer Sudhir Sharma founder of Vedic Astro Insights, is extremely popular in India , presently based in Noida, provides Astro Solutions related to Wealth, Love, Relationships, Marriage, Education, Family, Career, Fame, Success, Politics, Peace of mind & Purpose of Life.

Vedic Astro Insights is an Best Astrology Service Provider in Noida, who will help you to grow Psychologically and Spiritually in this life . Every moment of life has Issues/Problems and Sudhir Sharma , founder of Vedic Astro Insights promises to solve them all through his Astrological and healing techniques. He provides Astrology Services in Noida.

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Astrology Service in Noida

Spiritual Guru Osho Says
“Man is a three-storied building: one body, the mind and the soul. The body contains only the body. The mind contains body and mind both. And the soul contains all the three. The higher implies the lower, but not vice versa: the lower does not imply the higher. This is one of the fundamental laws to be remembered. If you work on the higher, the lower will be automatically solved. If you work on the lower, the higher will not be automatically solved.

Spiritual growth means growth of awareness; it means nothing else. Becoming more and more alert. Becoming a light unto yourself. And when you are a light unto yourself, darkness starts disappearing of its own accord.

Awareness is a single solution to all the problems. What is psychological growth? Helping you not to be angry, helping you not to be an egoist, helping you not to be afraid — that is psychological growth.

Sudhir Sharma has a mastery on how to connect the relationship between planets and human psyche. As a Best Astrology Service Provider in Noida he provides customized solutions to people, professionals and celebrities. In a short span of time he has become the most famous astrologer in India presently based in Noida. His positive approach in Astrology and constructive healing services makes him a man of Solutions. His astrological solutions are very logical and effective. Sudhir Sharma can be reached +91-989-950-0985

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Astrology Service in Noida

At the time of birth, the condition of a child’s mind is exactly like a very sensitive photo plate. When a child is conceived, this is the first exposure. The day the child is born is a second exposure. These two exposures are registered upon the sensitive mind of the child, as if on film. The world, as it is at that moment, is imprinted upon the child. This determines the child’s sympathies and antipathies for his entire life.

Astrology can be divided into three parts- SOUL, MIND, BODY

The first part is the core, the essence; it is the essentials, and cannot be changed. It is the part which is most difficult to understand. The second part is the middle layer, in which one can make whatever changes one wants. It is the semi-essential portion in which you can make changes if you know how, but without knowing, no changes are possible at all. The third part is the outermost layer which is nonessential, but about which we are all very curious.

The first is the essence, in which no changes can be made. When it is known, the only way is to cooperate with it. Religions have devised astrology in order to know and decipher this essential destiny. The semi-essential part of astrology is such that if we know about it we can change our lives -- otherwise not.

If we do not know, then whatsoever was going to happen will happen. If there is knowledge, there are alternatives to choose between. There is a possibility of transformation if the right choice is made. The third, nonessential part is just the periphery, the outer surface. There is nothing essential in it; everything is circumstantial.

Everything is connected in this world, everything is united, if I breathe, the whole body is affected. The Earth is affected when the sun breathes. If something happens to the sun, the earth cannot escape from its effects. The future emanates from the present.. When a person finds himself connected between the past and the future, he is able to understand astrology - then this astrology becomes spirituality. We need to work on the Psychological and mental level of a person because by changing it one can get very good results, for example, a person does many things for his living, he makes many changes but if he comes to know What is his real talent?, then he can get the right direction, when a passion becomes a profession then a man's life can be enjoyable. Therefore, we have to understand and explain essential astrology. This will be our tribute to astrology.

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Mr. Sudhir is the most genuine astrologer i came across. For the last 6 months, I was struggling in my job. Person name gave me easy solution and one gemstone.After following the suggested remedies I got promoted. Inspite of being so knowledgeable, he is very down to earth person and talks very politely. I am very thankful to him.
Astrology Service in Noida
Amit Sharma

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